Tailgate N Go makes packing for the game easy By Inside Tailgating

A father-and-daughter duo from Colorado has created a way to make packing for – and enjoying – tailgating simple: the Tailgate N Go. Taylor Johnson told Inside Tailgating that she was unpacking cooking supplies on a camping trip to Leon Lake from about six different bags, when her dad asked her, “Where is your chuck box?”

“Chuck box?” she asked.

“Yeah, the box with all your supplies conveniently in one place,” her father explained.

From that conversation, the idea for the Tailgate N Go was born. Now six prototypes later they have created the ultimate outdoor kitchen that puts all your cooking necessities in one convenient portable box. It’s the perfect companion for tailgating or your next outdoor adventure!

In its base form, the Tailgate N Go is a storage container that allows you to keep cooking utensils and supplies organized, neat and tidy. But then by adding some custom attachments, you can transform a Tailgate N Go into a walk-up kitchenette. The attachments include custom cutting boards, a grill, stove, sink, cooler, and condiment stations – everything a grill master might need. The attachments can be moved around to four different locations on the Tailgate N Go, allowing you to design the cooking station that works best for you.

And when it’s time to go, the Tailgate N Go will fold back up and slide easily into the bed of a truck. You can either serve from the Tailgate N Go right off the back of your tailgate or add a swing-out hitch to give you access to both sides. To find out more, go to www.tailgatengo.com.